Launching September 2016 and organised by LCS Sports Camps the Medway Schools Cup (MSC) will be a multi-sport competition which will take place over the course of the 2016-2017 curriculum year. The majority of events will take place on Saturday mornings between 9am and Noon.

We currently (Sept 2016) do not receive any external funding to run these events and therefore look to cover all costs from the schools taking part. Once a school has submitted an entry form for an event this cannot be withdrawn and settlement of the entrance fee is required within 7 days unless the school has other credit terms agreed with LCS.

The completion is open to all schools in Medway and will include Year 3/4 and Year 5/6 competitions all in mixed format. Special events for infants (Year R-2) will also be arranged

2016-2017 Schedule of Events

Saturday 24th September 2016 Tag Rugby 7's (Outdoor)  - Fort Pitt Grammar School Mixed Year 3/4 &Year 5/6

RESULTS Winners Year 3/4 Bryony    Winners Year 5/6 St Andrews

Saturday 15th October 2016 Cross Country (Outdoor) - Fort Pitt Grammar School Infants & Juniors

RESULTS 1st St Andrews   2nd Bryony   3rd Hilltop   4th Swingate   5th Phoenix   6th Bredhurst

Saturday 19th November 2016 Ultimate Frisbee (Indoor) - Fort Pitt Grammar School Mixed Year 3/4 & Year 5/6

RESULTS Winners Year 3/4 St Andrews   Winners Year 5/6 Bryony

Saturday 21st January 2017 REARRANGED Kickball (Indoor) - Fort Pitt Grammar School Mixed Infants & Juniors

RESULTS Winners Infants St Andrews   Winners Year 3 Bryony   Winners Year 5 St Andrews

Saturday 11th February 2017 Infants Superstars (Indoor) - Fort Pitt Grammar School Mixed Reception, Year 1 & Year 2

RESULTS Winners Bryony 

Saturday 11th February 2017 Basketball (Indoor) - Fort Pitt Grammar School Mixed Year 3/4 & Year 5/6

RESULTS Winners Year 3 St Andrews Winners Year 5 St Andrews

Saturday 11th March 2017 Netball (Outdoor) - Fort Pitt Grammar School Mixed Year 3/4 & Year 5/6

RESULTS Winners Year 3/4 Bryony   Winners Year 5/6 Bryony

Saturday 22nd April 2017 Yball (Outdoor) - Fort Pitt Grammar School Year Junior School Girls & Junior School Boys

RESULTS Winners Junior Girls St Andrew's     Winners Junior Boys St Andrew's

Saturday 6th May 2017 Softball (Outdoor) - Fort Pitt Grammar School Mixed Infants, Year 3/4 & Year 5/6

RESULTS Winners Infants Bryony     Winners Year 3/4 St Andrew's     Winners Year 5/6 Bryony

Saturday 8th July (RECHEDULED) Touch Rugby (Outdoor) - Fort Pitt Grammar School School Mixed Year 3/4 & Year 5/6

Saturday 8th July 2017 Flag American Football (Outdoor) Fort Pitt Grammar School Mixed Year 3/4 & Year 5/6

Saturday 8th July 2017 Medway Schools Cup Presentations Noon


Points for each events will be awarded as follows

Cup Winner (1st) - 30 Points

Cup Runner Up (2nd) - 25 Points

Plate Winner (3rd) - 20 Points

Plate Runner Up (4th) - 15 Points

Bowl Winner (5th) - 10 Points

Bowl Runner Up (6th) - 5 points

No points will be awarded for teams finishing below 6th place

Match officials may award up to 10 fair play points per event for school teams, officials and supporters.  

POINTS TABLE 2016-2017 Updated 22nd April 2017 following the seventh event

St Andrews 500 Points

Bryony 490 Points

Hilltop 20 Points

Swingate 15 Points

Phoenix 10 Points

Bredhurst 5 Points


All players, school officials and spectators agree to respect and accept all LCS officials decisions during events and also respect other teams players, officials and spectators. If any issues need to be raised then this can take place via a school official directly to the match official during a break or at the end of a game, No discussions should not take place during a game. All LCS officials decisions are final.

Any parties which are deemed to be in breach of the code will be initially warned and if the breach continues they will be asked to leave the venue, should they fail to do so the school they are associated with will be disqualified from the event and all future events.

LCS officials reserve the right to inform the relevant local authorities of any incidents and as such may use audio and video capturing equipment to record events as evidence.


- Played under the modified World Rugby 7's rules

- 7 players may be on the pitch at all times (minimum of 3 female players)

- Pitch size 70m x 40m

- All players must wear tag belts and tags, belts around the waist and tags at either side (not front or back)

- Play starts with one team kicking the ball from the centre at least 10m

- If a player is tagged with possession of the ball they must pass the ball immediately

- If the ball hits a player or is dropped forward then play will stop and a scrum (non contested) will be awarded to the non offending team

- If a player runs over the side line then a line out (non contested) will be awarded to the non offending team

- For scrums and lineouts a maximum of 4 players will be involved with the scrum half also taking the role of a hooker for a line out. All other players will be 7m behind the scrum/lineout until the ball is deemed to be out and in open play.

- A try is scored by a team grounding the ball, under control over the oppositions try line. A try is worth 5 points.

- Following a try the team which scores can add an additional 2 points by kicking the ball over the posts, the kick will taken no more than 20m out from the try line, in line with the area in which the ball was grounded for the try with the exception of the Year 3/4 comp who will not be kicking for additional points.

- Following a try play is restarted by the team that scores kicking the ball back to the non scoring team from the half way line.

- Match duration is 7 minutes per half, for finals the match duration is 10 minutes per half.

- Players may substitute on a rolling basis at any time as long as no team has more than 7 players on the pitch at one time.

- Penalties may be awarded for

Not remaining or getting on side following a player being tagged

Deliberately preventing a team from catching the ball by knocking it down or knocking it into touch

Unsporting conduct

Not retreating back 10m following a penalty

Tripping or grabbing a player

Removing the tag of a player who is not in possession of the ball

Not releasing the ball immediately if tagged

At a penalty the defending team must retreat 10m, the attacking team has the option to go for 3 points if they can kick the ball over the posts. If the non offending team decides to kick the ball into touch (sideline) they then get a line out from the point it went into touch.

- Players may kick the ball (below the knee) at any time during play

- Scrums may be awarded for

Forward passes

The ball being knocked forward

A players grounding the ball within their own try line

The ball not being kicked the full 10m at a restart

The game finishes when the ball goes out of play following the hooter.

In the event of a draw at the end of full time then 2 minutes of extra time will be played, in the event of a draw after extra time then the next team to score wins.


- Schools may enter up to 4 girls and 4 boys per age group

- Runners must stay on the designated course and will be disqualified if they cut out or avoid any part of the course. Course marshals will be placed throughout the course.

- Points are awarded for all finishers, 1 point for first 2 points for second etc and the school with the lowest points overall after all races will be the winners.

- If a participant fails to finish then they will be awarded he remaining points for that individual race.

- If a team fails to enter 4 runners per race they will also be award the highest points left/available in that race i.e if a school only enters 2 runners in a race they will still be scored on 4 runners.

- In the event of more than one school finishing with the same number of points then the school with the most overall wins will be designated the winners.

- If a runner is not at the start line at the designated start time then they will not be allowed to join in the race and runners may only run in one race.


  1. Ultimate is a non-contact team sport utilising a disc (Frisbee) and two end zones

  2. The aim of the game is for a player to pass the disc from player to player and eventually when close enough or an opportunity arises to pass the disc to a team member in the opposition’s end zone, if they catch the disc then the team’s scores a point.

  3. Each team starts in their designated end zone. The game starts with a “Pull” (throw) by one team with the opposition getting possession of the disc either where they catch the disc or where it lands the team who throws the disc cannot touch or pick up the disc until the opposition has had possession. No player can leave their end zone until the disc has been thrown this applies to the start of the game and restarts following a score.

  4. In general play the player with the disc cannot move, they can pivot on their landing foot and can pass the disc in any direction. Defending players much remain 1m away and cannot encroach within the 1m.  They can attempt to block or intercept the disc as soon as it leaves the players hand. The player with the disc has just 10 seconds to pass the disc. There is no limit on the number of passes a team can make before scoring.

  5. If a defending player accidently makes contact (either on their person or the disc) with an attacking player  they must move away and allow the non-offending player a free pass (i.e. that offending player cannot attempt to block the pass)

  6. If two players from both teams catch the disc at the same time then possession stays with the team who were in possession at the time of the pass if this happens in the end zone then a score can be awarded.

  7. If a team fails to pass the disc from player to player either because the disc is dropped or a defender blocks or intercepts the pass then possession is immediately turned over.

  8. Once a team scores they then pull from the end zone they scored in (end zones change after each score) this is to balance out any advantage a team may have  due conditions such as reflective sunlight or winds.

The team at the end of the allotted time with the most points wins


Events will be played under the adapted WAKA rules 

- Teams may be made up of up to 10 players with 9 players on the field at any time (minimum of 4 girls). Once teams have designated their kicking order for their 9 players they must stick to this order for the duration of the event.

- The kicking team will in turn (girl/boy) attempt to kick the ball and advance to the next base without being hit by the ball or the ball reaching that base before they get there. If the ball is caught cleanly by a fielder then they are out. If they are hit by the ball then they are out or if the ball reaches the base before they get there then they are out.

- Innings end when 3 kickers are out or all 9 players have kicked the ball. At the end of an inning the kicking team will then becomes the fielding team and vice versa.

- Fielders cannot move until the ball has been kicked by a kicker, if they move or advance before the ball is kicked then the kicker gets an automatic free run to the next base. If a previous kicker is already on this base then they can also advance to the next base.

- Kickers may come off their basis at any time and return to their base unless the kicker behind them has already reached that base and cannot return to a previous base.

The fielding team must provide one pitcher who can deliver the ball over the home plate without excessive bounces. If the pitcher is deemed to be throwing "balls" (bad pitches) then the kickers will be allowed to advance to the next available base(s)

- Kickers must touch the bases as they run around the field

- Kickers must kick the ball within the field of play and not outside the foul ball line. If a kicker kicks the ball foul four time this will be deemed to be an out.

- Fielders must have their foot on a base and have control of the ball to catch a kicker out.

- To score a run a kicker must advance and touch all bases first, second, third and home plate without getting touched by the ball. Fielders may throw the ball at the kicker (below the head and above the waist) to catch the out or can "tag" them with the ball by running and touching the kicker with the ball in between bases.

- On a flyball (a kick caught cleanly by a fielder) kickers may return to their previous base as long as they were in contact with the base prior to the ball being kicked. If a kicker leaves the base before the ball was kicked then they will also be out.

The team with the most runs at the end of the allocated time or innings wins. 


- Each school will be permitted to enter 3 girls and 3 boys from Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 (Up to a maximum of 18 children per school)

- All children will take part in 6 events with points being awarded for each activity based on levels reached, the speed in which the children complete a task or the number of activities completed where the event is limited by time.

- Gold, Silver and Bronze medals will be awarded to the top three girls and boys in each age group. All remaining children will receive a medal for participating

- All points will be combined to determine the school with the highest number of points and therefore the overall winners

- Events will be 15m beep test, 20m Speed Test, Sit Ups (1 minute), Squat Thrusts (1 minute), Speed Stacking (1 minute) & Power Bounce (1 minute)


This event will be played under the Medway Mini Youth Games rules


This event will be played under the Medway Mini Youth Games rules


- Teams consist of 9 players with a minimum of 4 girls on the field of play at all times

- Scoring boxes will be located 30m from each other

- A toss of a coin will decide which team starts with the Nerf

- The Nerf can be passed in any direction and if the Nerf is passed to a player in the scoring box and they catch it then that team is awarded a point. Play is then restarted by one of the defending players

- There is no limit on the number of passes

- A player in possession of the Nerf cannot move, they can pivot.

- There are no official boundry lines this includes behind the box however an unofficial lines will be marked out to mark where spectators may stand

- Players must stay on their feet, if a player goes to ground they must release the Nerf to the nearest opposition player

- If two players catch the Nerf at the same time it will be thrown up by an on field umpire for the players to contest

- If a Nerf falls on the ground it may be picked up by any player

- Defenders must stay a minimum of 1m away from a player in possession of the Nerf and cannot make contact with that player or the Nerf

 - Yball is a non contact sport, any contact will be penalised with a free throw (one free pass that the defender cannot block or intercept), if a players continues to make contact then they will be removed from the field of play for a minimum of 2 minutes

- If the player designated to be in the box steps out of the box or any other player steps into the box (unless changing over) then a penalty will be awarded to the non offending team from the half way mark.