All camps run using our "Work, Rest & Play" format with fitness training each morning followed by sport specific coaching session and then games each after noon.

Sporting activities include:

Beep testing

Yo-Yo testing

Endurance testing

Basic and advanced SAQ

Athletics - Sprinting

Athletics - Shot Put

Athletics - Discus   

Athletics - Short and Long distance (including cross country) 

Athletics - Relay

Athletics - High jump 

Athletics - Hurdles

Athletics - Long jump  

Athletics - Javelin

Athletics - Hammer

Strength and Conditioning training



Uni-Hockey (Europe)



Kwik Cricket

Resisted Sprinting

Ultimate (Frisbee)

Dodgeball (USA)

Handball (non contact variation)

Duel Court Fribee (USA)  

Frisbee Golf (USA)  


Tchoukball (Switzerland)  

Try Golf - Driving, Putting and Bunker Challenges 

Kickball (USA)

Tag Rugby

Softball - Slow Pitch (USA)

Softball - Fast Pitch (USA)

Baseball (USA)

Touch (rugby) (Australia)

Short Tennis

Ringball   LCS Developed Sporting Activity 

Team building

Basketball (USA)

Volleyball (USA)

Table Tennis 

Assault Courses

Circuit Training

Pass Perfect Football 

Gaelic Football (non contact variation) (Ireland) 

Swedish Longball (Sweden)

Archery - Soft

Fencing - Foil & Epee (France)



Sitting Archery

Aussie Rules Football (non contact variation) (Australia)

Gaelic Handball (Ireland) 

Flag American Football (non contact flag/tag variation) (USA)

Chaos Ball  LCS Developed Sporting Activity

Turbo Touch (New Zealand)

Indoor/Beach Touch (Australia)  

Sepak Takraw  (Thailand)  

Kabaddi  - Single & Team (tag variation)  (Pakistani Version)

Korfball (Dutch)

Tug of War  & Bungee Challenge 

Pesapallo (Finnish Baseball)


Doppler Radar Speed testing in running, kicking, hitting  and throwing 


Rugby 7's (tag variation)

Field Archery   

Taser Ball (tag variation)


Human Table Football



Speed Stacking

Sitting Volleyball

Pickle Ball

Drama & Art Workshops

Superstars Competitions 

Heptathlon (Girls)  100m Hurdles, High Jump, Shot Put, 200m, Long Jump, Javelin, 800m 

Decathlon (Boys) 100m, Long Jump, Shot Put, High Jump, 400m, 110m Hurdles, Discus, Javelin, 1500m, Hammer (Substituted for Pole Vault)

Dog Sleigh Challenge

Zeeball  LCS Developed Sporting Activity

Zraze-e-ball   LCS Developed Sporting Activity

NetM8  LCS Developed Sporting Activity

Sitting Basketball

10 Pin Bowling

Ultimate Dodgeball  LCS Developed Sporting Activity

Bucket Rounders

fitbit "Wall of Fame" Challenge

Sports First aid awareness workshops


Indoor Rowing


Gutter Ball

Finger Jousting

International Rules Football (non contact)

ExBall   LCS Developed Sporting Activity

Raserball  LCS Developed Sporting Activity

Gaga Ball

Gaga Ball "Wars"  LCS Developed Sporting Activity 

"Ten Us"   LCS Developed Sporting Activity

Sitting Fencing

Freestyle Frisbee

Bodgeball LCS Developed Sporting Activity

Liveball LCS Developed Sporting Activity

Meditation Sessions

Ultimate Benchball   LCS Developed Sporting Activity

Tag Football   LCS Developed Sporting Activity

Frisbee Bowling 

Chaos gaga ball LCS Developed Sporting Activit

Scricket LCS Developed Sporting Activity

Touch (Rugby) 360 LCS Developed Sporting Activity

Orienteering V2.018  LCS Developed Sporting Activity

Touch Tennis

Battle Ball  LCS Developed Sporting Activity

Sporting activities coming 2019

XRugby 7's (tag variation)


Ultimate Flag American Football LCS Developed Sporting Activity

Foot foot ball LCS Developed Sporting Activity

New Age Curling

Flag American Football "War of Independence" Games  LCS Developed Sporting Activity


Gago Ball LCS Developed Sporting Activity

Flag Canadian Football (CFL)


Slinger Ball

Blind Archery  LCS Developed Sporting Activity

Fast5 Basketball

Fast5 Netball

All sports are delivered and adapted to suit the age and abilities of the children taking part