By registering your child on a LCS Sports Camp, you agree to the full terms & conditions set out on this page. 

It is a legal requirement for all parents/guardians to have completed a medical/personal/consent form for each child prior to their participation in any sports camp activities. If there are any changes to this information it is the parents/guardians responsibility to complete a new form and bring with you on the first day at camp.

The sports camp operator reserves the right to excuse from any activities children who may pose a risk to their own health & safety or the health & safety of others by taking part in activities. This is solely at the discretion of the sports camp operator.

All bookings are non refundable, once you have reserved a space payment will be required at least 2 weeks* before the commencement of the sports camp. A refund may be offered (subject to the deduction of a 20% admin fee) if there is a waiting list for the place however this is solely at the discretion of the sports camp operator. In the event of illness or injury a credit (maximum 50%) may be given against a future sports camp upon receipt of a Doctors note. 

For all new and first time bookings a 20% deposit will be invoiced at the time of booking with the balance due as above. * Deposits are payable immediately, reminders will be issued however if an invoice remains outstanding 7 days after issue the invoice and booking expires. LCS reserves the right not accept any future bookings from parties where a booking has expired. If LCS reinstate a booking following the expiry of an invoice then a £5 admin charge will be added to the reissued invoice.

For late bookings (bookings made after registrations have closed usually 2 weeks before the start of a camp) LCS reserves the right to charge an additional £5 admin fee. For any late bookings made within 7 days of the start of a camp LCS will add an additional £5 admin fee to the invoice.

Once the invoice for your booking has been raised no further changes or amendments are permitted and you will be required to settle the amount due 14 days before the start of the camp or by the *due date specified on the invoice. If any invoices are not settled within 2 days of the due date the booking will immediately expire however LCS will still seek full compensation for any unpaid sums.

LCS runs disciplined sports camps, children are expected to respect their peers, sports camp staff and site staff. In the event of poor discipline children will be given verbal warnings by staff and any be sat out for a short time during activities. If a child receives 3 warning during the course of a day they will be referred to the sports camp manager and this may involve being placed in the a reflection zone, the duration of the time in this area will depend on the severity of the situation. In the event of any verbal or physical abuse children will immediately be placed in the reflection zone. Children in the time out area will be fully supervised at all times.

If any child is expelled for misconduct the sports camp operator will not issue a refund. Misconduct includes but not limited to verbal or physical assaults or acts of aggression against fellow sports camp participants, parents/guardians, venue staff or any member of the sports camp staff, foul language or any acts of bullying or vandalism.

The sports camp operator reserves the right to full compensation for any equipment damaged or broken regardless of the circumstances which lead to the equipment being damaged.

Parents/guardians agree each day to provide suitable food, snacks and refreshments for the duration of their child's sports camp participation. This must include a bottle which we can refill.

Parents/guardians agree to provide suitable clothing & footwear for both indoor and outdoor activities as well as a change of clothing and footwear each day suitable for hot, cold, wet and dry conditions. 

During periods of warm weather parents/guardians agree provide sun hats and sun cream which can be self administered. Staff will administer sun cream only where a consent form has been completed.

Parents/guardians also consent to having digital images of their children being captured and used for marketing purposes.

The sports camp provider will not be held responsible for any personal items which are lost or go missing during the sports camp. Personal items can be handed in to the sports camp manager where they will be safely locked away when not needed and participants are not permitted to bring any cash. The sports camp manager will confiscate any items which it deems is interfering with any of the children's participation in the sports camp activities.

Parents/guardians must provide all relevant medications as well as consent to administer as and when required.

All younger participants must be toilet trained. Children should not attend a camp for 24 hours if they have experienced sickness or diarrhea.

Parents/guardians must insure that all personal items of clothing, bottles and lunch boxes are can be clearly identified. LCS Sports Camps do not accept any responsibility for any personal property lost. All children are expected to be able to look after their own possessions.

Please note the sports camp operate daily from 8:30am until 4pm. Times may vary at non Fort Pitt camps, please check in advance. 

We would ask that children with Premium bookings are not dropped off before 8:30am as sports camp staff are quite busy moving equipment around and setting up/planning/being briefed for the days activities. Children with Lite bookings should not be dropped off before 10am and LCS reserve the right to charge an additional fee of £5 for every 15 minutes if a child is dropped off before 10am.  

We also request that all children are collected by 4pm.  Times may vary at non Fort Pitt camps, please check in advance

We hire our venues by the hour and as such if parents are late and we have to stay on site this does incur additional costs. We appreciate parents can be stuck in traffic or get delayed however we must pass on additional charges to cover our staff time and venue costs. 

As such there will be a £5 late collection fee per child due for every 15 minutes a child is delayed in being collected. 

Loyalty discounts for premium bookings expire if a child has not booked in to a camp in the previous 12 months