What makes LCS Sports Camps unique?

Working family friendly, all camps from from 8:30am until 4pm each day*

Daily bookings are capped so we can focus on providing a quality sports camp experience

All repeat customers automatically get a loyalty discounts 5% for 1 child, 7.5% for 2 children and a maximum of 10% for 3 or more children. Loyalty discounts expire if a child/children have not been booked into a camp in the previous 12 months.

The sports camps cater for children ranging in age from 3 to 14, we are now also offering a "Lite" camp option with camps running from *10am-4pm for parents who don't need an 8:30am start see dedicated page for details of Premium or Lite camp options

All sporting activities delivered are suitable for mixed format and are delivered to suit the age and abilities of the children taking part

As well as all ,mainstream sports we also deliver many non mainstream sports and sports from all over the world giving children a very diverse sports camp experience there is currently (Spring 2017) no other sports camp provider in the UK who offers the range of over 70 different sporting activities we do 

Ample support staff are on hand at all times

Pastoral care is very important to us and we have a dedicated male and female member of staff responsible for any care issues

We offer a unique and very diverse range of sporting activities suitable for all ages and abilities

We challenge and support participants to develop and set their own sporting goals and to exceed these goals

Daily bookings are available

All staff wear uniforms

All staff are suitably qualified and experienced, first aid trained and are DBS checked

Misconduct is not accepted, we run a fun but disciplined sport camp children respect their fellow sports camp participants as well as staff

Fully insured

All children have access to squash (sugar free blackcurrant, lemon and orange) or chilled water at all times at no additional cost* 

Laundry facilities available

The children's enjoyment and development is our main priority

We offer a premium sports camp experience

*These may vary depending on the venue and for "Lite" camp bookings