At LCS we strive to provide a positive, fun and educational sports camp experience. We are currently not the cheapest sports camp provider nor are we the most expensive. We feel our prices correctly reflects the range of activities we offer and the extensive specialist equipment we have invested in to deliver these activities and takes into account the number of team members we have on site each day to ensure the smooth running of the camp and activities and more importantly to ensure the safety and security of your child. 

How do I book and pay?

Please email or send us a message via our "contact us" page. We will then send you a booking form and reserve your child's place. We will email an invoice in advance of the camp which you can settle online via debit/credit card or via paypal. We no longer accept personal cheques and would prefer not to be paid in cash.

Please note we do not currently accept childcare vouchers.

For all new/first time bookings we are currently taking a 20% deposit at the time of booking. The balance will be payable as usual 2 weeks before the start of the camp. Daily places are capped and are allocated on a first come first served basis. For half term camps we only take 40 bookings per day, for our flagship Summer camp we only take on 60 bookings per day as our emphasis is on quality not quantity.

As a parent/guardian what do I need to know?

Our priority is the participants welfare and enjoyment. To help us please ensure you provide the following each day

(1) Suitable clothing and footwear to take part in indoor and outdoor sporting activities as well as a change of clothing, including a sun hat (in the event of warm weather).

(2) Separate footwear for both indoor and outdoor activities - all participants must have 2 pairs of footwear suitable for sporting activities

(3) Suitable snacks (fruit etc) for the duration of the day as well as a packed lunch. Due to allergies we would ask children not to share food or drinks.

(4) Drinks bottle which we can fill and refill with chilled water or sugar free blackcurrant, orange or lemon *squash ideally clearly marked with your childs name. *Squash is only provided at Fort Pitt Camps

(5) Any relevant medication  (asthma pumps etc) these will be kept in the 1st aid kit as well as a consent form to administer any medication. In the event of a medical emergency the sports camp operator will administer any first aid it deems necessary for the welfare of the child.

(6) Sun cream which can be self administered or else a consent form to allow camp staff permission to administer

We do keep the children very active during the sports camps, if during the first few days the children's arms or legs (especially) are a bit stiff or sore in the mornings this is perfectly normal as the range of activities we deliver are designed to work every muscle!

Camps at Fort Pitt are fully weather resistant, even in the event of poor weather or conditions we are able to offer a full range of daily activities.

Personal possessions, phones and other electronic devices

We would prefer if participants did not bring personal items into the camp however we do appreciate some children may wish to bring them however we insist that all items of value are handed in to the sports camp manager when not needed. These will be locked away.  

Participants also should under no circumstances bring any money.

How the children split for activities

At the start of camp each day all the children are allowed free play, this is supervised but the children are allowed to use any of the equipment which we have laid out, with the older children we will generally also run a set activity during this time however they are free to also use other equipment or take part in other activities. During the group warm up and fitness activities all the children are together however younger children take part in shortened and simplified activities. As we start our coaching clinics we separate the children by age GREEN Preschool  BLUE Key Stage 1 and  RED Key Stage 2 amd YELLOW for Key Stage 3 

At some camps groups may be merged however this is only Green and Blue groups with some older Blue group children joining the Red group. Demand for camps is always higher during the Summer and as such the RED group may be split into sub groups (RED 1, RED 2 etc) depending on numbers and the daily activities on offer.

At the end of each day children take part in one group activity together this is part of our team building program and encourages the younger and older children to mix and support each other. These activities are fully supervised at all times.

Medical/Personal Information

We would ask all parents/guardians to declare any relevant information. This information is retained securely and only available to the sports camp operator who will only share any information with other sports camp team members as and when required. This information will be fully disclosed to the emergency services should the need arise.

We take pastoral care very seriously and have a designated male and female team member at each camp who is appropriately trained in safeguarding.  


- Child :)

- Food & Drinks

- Any medication, creams etc including suncream during hot weather (we do get some every now and then!)

- A change of clothing all suitable for sporting activities, tracksuit, shorts, polo shirts etc school PE kit is fine just please ensure that they are clearly labled 

- At least two pairs of footwear suitable for sporting activities

- A drinks bottle which we can refill with cold water or sugar free squash. Please note in the event of warm weather we will not allow any child without a drinks bottle to take part in outdoor activities for their own welfare. Sports bottles are preferred as they can hold larger quantities of liquid and are much easier for us to refill.

Late Collections

Please note the sports camp operate daily from 8:30am until 4pm. 

We would ask that children are not dropped off before 8:30am as sports camp staff are quite busy moving equipment around and setting up/planning/being briefed for the days activities. 

We also request that all children are collected by 4pm. 

We hire our venues by the hour and as such if parents are late and we have to stay on site this does incur additional costs. We appreciate parents can be stuck in traffic or get delayed however we must pass on additional charges to cover our staff time and venue costs. 

As such there will be a £5 late collection fee per child due for every 15 minutes a child is delayed in being collected. 

Terms & Conditions

Please note that by making your booking you have accepted our terms & conditions please take a moment to read this page on this website to ensure to are fully aware of your legal obligations.